On the Origins of Islam and the Kabbalah

IslamWe must can remember the past so we can view the present and prepare for the near future. The radical Islamic jihad movement which moved across western Europe would be a massive movement of death, destruction and slaughter. The movement not merely forced individuals into servitude of Muhammed it also forced individuals into political servitude under sharia law, both were extremely powerful movements within the Ottoman Empire which reigned for 1000+ years.

Westerners may snicker on the notion of people cleaning their teeth which has a twig – even as don’t pop into the garden and chew on our privet hedges do we? Well, as we do we usually are sectioned pretty quickly. But reports have actually shown the miswak is more effective than our faithful old humble toothbrush!

The Bible’s Mary, as outlined by Luke 3:23 and Matthew 1:16 is descended from David, and as all humans, is conceived in sin. Rome’s Mary is immaculately conceived, determined by human logic, and doctrines gained by “piety with the people”, as well as a link to the Babylonian traditions of Semiaramis among others.

Muslims think that Islam is really a superior ideology, it is not just a religion, it is a lifestyle which filters and colors every facets of Islamic society. In the West, democracy is a way of government which separates religion through the state and empowers the average person over their leaders. Western women are certainly not beholden to men, people are certainly not beholden with their leaders who govern along with the faithful usually are not beholden on their clergy. In Islam, these roles are reversed. Democracy is often a bottom up life style, Islam can be a top down form. In democracy, control rests with people, in Islam, control rests while using leadership. And that is the primary difference. It is also the true secret weakness.

The best gift that a Muslim parent will give with their children and future generations is the gift of reading and accumulating knowledge from your highly riveting Islamic books written by various writers. Encouraging your child to see these books is likely to make him considering book reading and become a helpful tool for him throughout his life.

The people with the book will be the Christians, Jews, along with the Muslims. Christians got the Gospel (Bible), and Jews received the Torah, and Muslims received the Holy book of Quran. But as Allah states within the Holy Quran how the individuals were not so receptive on the teachings of Prophet Mohammed (SAW), despite understanding that he was truthful about the prophecies.

The majority of Americans, according to recent polls, are instead of the structure of the new Islamic Community Center, Park51, in New York City given it posesses a mosque. I understand and agree with now of view. The mosque is near ground zero and thousands lost their lives to Islamic extremists two blocks away.

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